In this manual we show you how to register for an exam via your curriculum.

We recommend registering for exams via your curriculum, to make sure the exams are part of your degree program.

1. Open your curriculum

Please log in to TUMonline.

Please click on the application “Study Status / Curriculum”:

Screenshot: Application “Study Status / Curriculum”

2. Choose your curriculum

In the next window click on the name of your degree program:

Screenshot: Choose curriculum

3. View curriculum

In the “Curriculum Support” your curriculum will then be displayed in a tree-like structure (= curriculum tree) showing all modules, courses and exams.

Screenshot: Displayed curriculum

Orange starModules
Red triangleCourses
Green circleExams

4. Choose the exam

In the curriculum choose the exam you wish to register for.

Screenshot: Exam registration via the curriculum tree

A clipboard icon in different variations indicates:

Color and iconDescription
Green arrowRegistration is possible.
Yellow pause iconRegistration is not yet possible.
Red XRegistration is no longer possible.
Gray minusRegistration is not available.

5. Register for an exam

Click on the green icon in the application “Study Status / Curriculum” in order to register for an exam.

Screenshot: Click on the icon

You will be forwarded to the application “Exams”.

If the registration for the exam is currently possible, you will find the “Go to exam registration” button next to the exam date.

Screenshot: Exam registration

Next, select your degree program as well as the curriculum context (status in curriculum).

Screenshot: Select degree program and curriculum

Click on the “Register” button to complete the registration.

You will be notified if your registration was successful.

Screenshot: Confirmation of registration