In this manual we show you where to find the curriculum for your degree program.

1. Open the curriculum

Please log in to TUMonline.

Click on the application “Study Status / Curriculum”:

Screenshot: Application “Study Status / Curriculum”

The application provides an overview of the curriculum of your degree program.

2. Select your degree program

On the following page, click on the name of your degree program:

Screenshot: Select degree program

3. View curriculum

In “Curriculum Support” you will find a list of all modules, courses and exams in a tree-like structure.

Screenshot: Show curriculum

Click on the individual elements to expand the tree.

Orange starModule
Red triangleCourses
Green circle


Click on the individual courses and exams for more details and registration.

4. View curriculum and semester plan

  • You can also use the curriculum to display the timetable and semester plan of your degree program.
  • By registering for courses and exams, your personal timetable will be automatically created. You will then see all your appointments in your personal TUMonline calendar.

5. Register for courses and exams

We recommend that you register for exams using the tree-like structure of your curriculum. For the registration for courses the application Courses with selection of your curriculum is the more comfortable way.

Your curriculum may not yet appear in TUMonline because some degree programs are not fully modelled yet. In this case, please contact your faculty for more information.

If you are enrolled for the first time for the coming semester, change your degree program in the next semester, or are on leave of absence in the current semester, you will see your future degree programs in your curriculum only after the beginning of the coming semester. Until then, you can view the general curriculum in the application “Degree Programs” and obtain a standard semester plan for the recommended courses and exams of your future subject-related semester.

6. FAQ

I have completed my bachelor's degree and enrolled for the master's program for the coming semester. But in the Study Status only the bachelor's degree appears.