In this manual we show you how and which appointments can be displayed in your personal calendar.

Where can I find my personal calendar?

After Login to TUMonline click on the application "Calendar":

Screenshot: Application "Calendar"

Which appointments are (not) in my personal calendar?

By default, your personal calendar contains the appointments of the course group you have registered for as a student and, if applicable, the appointments of the standard group. The same applies to employees who are lecturers of a course.

If there are too few or too many appointments in your calendar in your opinion, please inform your lecturers so that the assignments of the course dates to the groups can be corrected.

Why do the appointments of all other groups appear in my calendar? 

In this case all appointments/recurring appointments are assigned to the standard group and not to the respective group. Students see appointments of both groups in their calendar, of the group they are registered for as well as of the standard group. Therefore the appointments for the standard group should be limited to those that all groups have in common.

The same applies to lecturers. In their calendars they see appointments of the standard group as well as appointments of the groups they are assigned to.

How can I change the calendar settings?

Screenshot: calendar settings

With the button "Settings" you can adjust how the calendar is displayed in TUMonline to your personal needs, e.g. whether a week should be displayed from Monday to Friday or from Monday to Sunday.

You can also set whether you want to see only the dates of courses for which you already have a fixed place or also those of all courses for which you have registered. If you like, you can also display the dates of your bookmarked courses or course groups.

To save changes to the settings, please scroll down.

Please note that the calendar settings affect the individual display of all calendars in TUMonline.

How can I subscribe to my personal calendar with Google Calendar or my smartphone?

Screenshot: publish calendar

If you click on the “Publish” button in your personal calendar you will receive an iCal link. You can test the functionality of subscribing to the calendar in other programs by accessing the iCal link and opening it e.g. with an editor or a local desktop calendar program (iCal, Sunbird...). You should see your appointments there.

You can now subscribe to the iCal link in your Google Calendar, your e-mail program, on your smartphone etc. The calendar will be updated automatically, but with a certain latency (a few hours). The calendar subscription is read-only, locally created appointments will not be synchronized with the TUMonline calendar.

Optimization for smartphones

When the calendar settings in TUMonline have been set correctly, the iCal calendar subscription can be optimized for display on smartphones using the external calendar proxy For example, shorten the title of the course, add Google Maps location, remove duplicates if a course takes place in two lecture halls at the same time or similar.

The code is open source and is maintained by the developer team of the external TUM Campus App.