In this manual we show you, how to edit the contact details in your personal business card. 

If you are new at the TUM or changed to another organization, please check your contact data on your personal business card.


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1. Log in TUMonline

Please log in to TUMonline  and navigate to your business card by clicking on your name top right.

Screenshot: Business card

2. Edit Business Card

  • The business card is the key element of your TUMonline user account. Your most important TUM contact details are displayed here: Telephone number, e-mail address, room number etc.

  • You also have access here to the applications and authorizations relevant to you.

  • You can edit many of the details shown via the link “Edit” top right.

Screenshot: Edit business card

The following window opens:

Screenshot: Edit business card

Name & Postal Address

  • Your name will be managed in SAP by the personnel department and is automatically entered in TUMonline. If your name is spelt incorrectly or if you need to change your name, please contact the personnel department.

  • The postal address of your organisation is usually entered automatically. However, if you are allocated to several organisations, you can select the postal address to which your post is to be sent yourself.

  • Your personal data is wrong or missing?

E-Mail Adress

The preset e-mail address is (e.g.  Your TUM E-Mail Address you can edit by clicking the “E-mail addresses” button in your business card.

Telephone & Fax

  • The telephone number is entered by your facility’s “Telefonverwalter”. Please contact him/her if this has not yet been entered. (You will find your telephone administrator on your facility’s business card under “roles”)

  • You can enter the fax number yourself via the link “Edit” in your business card top right.

Homepage an Office Hours

  • You can enter your homepage and office hours by clicking the link “Edit” in your business card.

Place of Employment & Room Number

  • You can enter the place of employment including the room number yourself via the link “Edit” in your business card top right.

  • Click on “Edit” in the “Place of Employment” mask and select your building and floor from the list under “TUM address”:

Screenshot: Edit room number

  • If you are assigned to more organizations, you can choose for every location an own place of employment. 
  • The information is set out based on postcode, street, house number, building number and floor (e.g. 0501/I = building 0501, 1st floor).

  • You can then select your room from a list.

Please note: The numbers indicated do not fully correspond to the numbering on the room doors. The numbers indicate building number/floor/room number in sequence (e.g. 0501.01.119 = building 0501, 1st floor, room 1119).

  • In general it is recommandable to assign your room number, because the room number is used to inform you via e-mail about processes on your place of employment (e.g. maintenance work).  

Photo & Backround Image

  • You can upload a photo via “Business card picture”. You can also configure the setting to determine whether the photo can be seen by anonymous users or just by users who are logged in.

  • You can upload a photo to appear as the background to your business card via “Business card/workplace background image”.

Preferred Organization

  • You can select the organization to be displayed as your preferred organization here.

  • Via “Personal settings”, you can decide whether your personal business card or that of the preferred organization is displayed after log-in (see chapter „Personal Settings“).

Search machine settings

  • Under “Search engines”, you can decide whether your business card can be found by search engines, such as Google.