New to TUM? These guidelines outline the most important steps that employees must take to utilize our IT services and be digitally reachable.


Step 1: Activate your TUM account

The first step is to activate your central TUM account.

Your TUM account gives you access to e-mail, online storage, WiFi and other central services. The account is administered via our TUMonline campus management system and comprises three elements: TUM ID (i.e. go42tum), TUM e-mail address (i.e. and personal password.

Getting started:

  • Find out who the TUMonline administrator is in your department or unit. This person will give you a PIN code for the initial access to TUMonline.
  • Enter the PIN code and your date of birth in TUMonline. Click here
  • After logging in, select your personal password.

If you already have a TUM account (for example, through previous studies or employment), your already existing TUM account will automatically be given the status "Mitarbeiter/in" and you will be able to log in with your usual password as before. A renewed activation is no longer necessary. Forgot Password?

Image: TUM Account = user name and password

Step 2: Set-up your TUM e-mail address

Set up a TUM e-mail address in TUMonline (i.e. first name.last

The TUM e-mail address is your central e-mail address, which you will use to receive important messages. Please make sure that these e-mail messages can reach you. To do that, you can set up e-mail forwarding should you wish to use an existing e-mail inbox.

Getting started:

Image: TUM e-mail address

Step 3: Maintain your contact details

Administer your contact data, such as telephone numbers and room numbers, in your TUMonline business card.

Because employees and students will contact or search for you via the TUMonline business card, it’s important that you keep information such as your location or visiting hours up to date.

Getting started:

  • Click on “Edit” in the upper right section of your TUMonline business card and enter the information where required.
  • Step-by-step instructions

Image: Contact details in the TUMonline business card

Step 4: Apply for your TUM PersonalCard

Apply for your TUM PersonalCard (chip card) as soon as possible. You can upload the required photograph via TUMonline.

You can use your PersonalCard for services such as the student council cafeteria or the university library.

Getting started:

  • Click on the link “TUMcard passport photo” in your TUMonline business card and upload your passport photo. Step-by-step instructions
  • To apply for your PersonalCard, contact your local personnel department. Further information

Image: TUM PersonalCard

STEP 5: Who, what and where

Now that you have completed all of the important steps, you can take advantage of our central IT services with your TUM account.

Und so geht's:

For further information: overview of all central IT services

Image: website


Any questions or problems? Our IT Support will be happy to help.