In this manual we show you, how to upload a photograph for your TUMCard (employee ID). 


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1. Log in TUMonline

Please log in to TUMonline  and navigate to your business card by clicking on your name top right.

Click on „TUMcard passport photograph upload“ to upload your photo.

Screenshot: Applications menu - TUMcard passport photograph upload

Note: The upload of the photo does not affect your business card. Edit your business card by clicking on "Edit" top right.

2. Choose your photograph

A new window opens up. Click on „Datei auswählen/Find“ to choose a photo. Navigate to the folder where the photo is saved and choose the photo. Make sure the photo has the right size.

Screenshot: Upload passport sized photograph

Click on „Continue“.

3. Check and upload

Check the photo, if everything is OK, click on „Continue“. If changes are required, click on “Back” and repeat step 2.1.
Check the photo, click on „Continue“ to finally upload the photo. Close the window.

Screenshot: Passport photograph

4. Receiving the TUMCard

Please subsequently send an e-mail with your TUM-ID (e.g. gu27cat)

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