When is the Application deadline?

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Can I hand in my language proficiency certificate after the deadline?

We need the certificate for the evaluation of your application. Therefore you have to hand it in before deadline. We will not start the evaluation of any application without language certificate.

Why can't I choose CoMe in the online application form of TUMonline?

The online application form is avaliable only during the application period. Plese click here for the dates.

Is it also possible to start my studies in April?

No, the Master Course in Computational Mechanics starts every year in October. Application is only possible for winter term.

Which degrees matches the programs' requirements?

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When will a degree considered to be "above average"?

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Where can I get an authenticated copy of my documents?

In order to be admitted to study at an university, you are required to submit "officially" or "publicly" authenticated documents of your certificates. These have to be translated by a sworn translator (registered at court) into German or English. Authentication of all documents will be accepted only if performed by the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country, or by the institution that has issued the original document. Please take care to ensure that the documents bear an official stamp. The certificate has to be sealed. In Germany, authentication can also be performed by the respective citizens registration (“Einwohnermeldeamt”).  Please note that authentication too, must be performed in the English or German language. Please visit TUM's information page on notarization.

Can you give me further detail about the recommendation letter?

Please use the form that is available on our documents page. Please fill in your name, sign the form, and give this form to a professor or other person who is well acquainted with your academic work (no job reference). Upload the form and the reference letter during the application.

What should I do, if I don't have my Bachelor' certificate when applying for admission?

If you already have a preliminary certificate, upload this one in together with your application package and hand in the final document as soon as you get it. Bring it with you for enrolment at the very latest.

What should I write in my motivation letter?

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application. It can give us an impression of you as a person, and, above all, it's supposed to tell us why you want to take part in our program (and why the program fits in with your previous academic career). Finally, please do us a favour: do not rewrite your curriculum vitae (we have that already), do not praise the TUM / Munich / Germany at great length and, above all, keep it short (500 words maximum).

What are the requirements concerning the proficiency in the English language?

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My whole education was in English, do I have to provide a proficiency test?

If your complete education has been conducted in English, TOEFL can be replaced by an official certificate of your university, confirming that the medium of instruction is english throughout the whole program.

What is the TOEFL institution code for come.tum?

TOEFL institution code: 7806 (select school type "Graduate Schools" and then "Any Department Not Listed" or use the department code "99" for "general"  - if provided)

Do I have to know or learn German to attend come.tum?

The Master Course is completely taught in English, nevertheless we require a proof of basic German proficiency after the second semester. In general, basic German knowledge is very helpful for everyday life. Therefore it is strongly recommended to take additional German classes. Several courses are offered in Munich (some of them are subject to fee).

Where can I find German classes for beginner or advanced level?

The German classes offered by TUM are listed here. They are basically for free, only the course materials have to be bought by students. Private German courses are offered by diverse language schools.  

I am a student from India, but I did not take GATE, can I apply anyway?

No, applications from India without GATE results will not be considered for the Master Course in Computational Mechanics. Please notice: GRE cannot substitute the GATE test for Indian applicants. Graduates with a degree from an Indian Institute of Technology do not need to provide a separate GATE.

I receive my GATE results in March/April (after application Deadline of 15th March). How should I proceed?

Upload all documents that are available until the application deadline and hand in the GATE result as soon as possible (first week of April).

What is the minimum required GATE score and which papers are accepeted?

Applicants with a degree from an Indian university have to submit their recent GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) results of papers in either:

  • Aerospace Engineering (AE)
  • Civil Engg. (CE)
  • Mechanical Engg. (ME)
  • Engineering Sciences (XE) in all combinations of sections except for those including (C) or (G)

We require a calculated GATE score which is at least 550/1000. However, a score higher than 550 does not guarantee for automatic admission!

How can I get financial support?

Neither come.tum nor TUM grant financial aid to its students. If you want to apply for a scholarship in Germany, we suggest to have a look at the scholarship database of the DAAD.

Can I work as a student research assistant to finance my studies?

In general, research assistantships are widely available for students at the TUM. However, we can not guarantee, or even help you in obtaing a position as a student assistant. As the working time for students is both limited by law and by the demands of the program (you will need ample time to prepare for lectures, homeworks, etc.), financing your studies by a student assistantship alone will not be possible.

What is the GRE institution code for come.tum?

As GRE is not compulsory for admission to come.tum, we do not have a GRE institution code. If you want to attach your GRE results to your application, please include a certified copy. Please notice: GRE can not substitute the GATE test for Indian applicants.

 Does it affect my chances of getting admission if I apply for other master courses?

No, not at all. You can apply for other courses as well without affecting your chances for come.tum, but please let us know on the application form. Notice: You have to send seperate applications for each master course at TUM!

Is it possible that my application is considered next year, if I am rejected this year?

There is neither a waiting list nor a bonus system for waiting semesters. Thus, you have to apply again, if you aspire to a place in next year's come.tum course. Please note that without any additional qualifications, your chances of getting admission one year later are minimal.

The application portal of TUMonline requires a certificate of a health insurance. Since I live not in Germany I do not have a German health insurance. What should I do?

The health insurance is not mandatory for admission. You will need it in case you got admitted for the enrolment. It is easy to get a health insurance as soon as you are in Germany. During the first weeks of the semester many insurance companies have their stalls on the campus. A health insurance for students is round about 80 Euros per month. Please consider the hints of TUM for the mandatory health insurance.

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