Pleae go through the following paragraphs carefully. They contain all the relevant information about your application to the Compuatational Mechanics program at TUM.

The application procedure for all master's programs at TUM is similar.

General information about applications at TUM can be found on the TUM application info portal.

The following topics are covered on this page:

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The intake for the Master's program Computational Mechanics is in October for the winter term each year. We do not offer an intake in spring or at any other date.

Please note that the first semester of COME starts one week ahead of the official lecture period with a welCoMe-week including a comprehensive Introduction to C++-course.

Application Period

The application period is from 1 January to 31 May. Your application has to be fully completed online within this period.

Please note that we select our students carefully and that this process will take some time.

Therefore, we will split the selection process into two parts: In the first part we will handle all applications which are sent until 15 March, in the second one we will handle the remaining applications.

The selection will take approximately 2 month, i.e. the admission letters will be available approximately latest

  •   end of May if you apply until 15 March,
  •   end of July if you apply until 31 May.

Please note that depending on the number of applications these are only rough estimates.

Notes on visa application

If you need to apply for a visa we therefore recommend to apply until the earlier deadline, i.e. 15 March.
Please note: A visa must be applied for well in advance of your departure (at least 2 months ahead of time).

You will need to apply for your visa at the embassy / consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country.

Applicants from EU/EWR nations as well as some other nations are exempt from this regulation. You can check this overview of visa requirements/exemptions for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany issued by the Federal Foreign Office.

Further information on the exact dates, periods and deadlines for your application can be found on the TUM webpage on Application Deadlines.

Uni-assist for students from non EU/EEA countries (VPD)

All applicants who did not obtain their qualification for postgraduate studies (usually a bachelor's degree) in a country within the EU/EEA have to hand in documents additionally to uni-assist.

This TUM webpage describes the additional application step via uni-assist.

The deadlines for handing in documents to uni-assist are in general the same as for your application at TUM. However, uni-assist needs additional processing time (up to 6 weeks). TUM will start processing your application only after receiving the results of the documents check of uni-assist.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to hand in documents to uni-assist 6 weeks before application deadline (15 March or 31 May).

You can have your documents reviewed by uni-assist any time of the year. If the portal for the desired semester has not yet been opened at uni-assist, simply select the current semester. It does not matter whether you apply for the summer semester or the winter semester at uni-assist. Please note, however, that the application deadline at TUM must be met.

If you applied for the VPD before the application deadline but did not receive your VPD in time, please upload this document instead of your VPD in the application portal. This way, your application is temporarily complete at the end of the application deadline. You are then granted a grace period for handing in your real VPD. Please upload your VPD to the portal as soon as you receive it. Please note that handing in the VPD after the application deadline is only possible if all documents required for generating the VPD arrive at uni-assist before the application deadline on 31 May.

Admission Requirements

For admission to the Computational Mechanics program, several technical/scientific requirements have to be fulfilled. Please note that the COME master's program requires a strong background in engineering, structural and/or applied mechanics!

Eligibility for the Master’s Program in Computational Mechanics is demonstrated by:

  1. One of the following degrees:
    1. an above-average Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or comparable programs obtained from a German university;or
    2. an internationally acknowledged above-average Bachelor’s Degree in the programs specified in lit. a) obtained from a foreign university; or
    3. an above-average Diplom, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in the programs specified in lit. a) obtained from a German Fachhochschule [University of Applied Sciences]; or
    4. a Diplom, Magister or Master’s Degree in the programs specified in lit. a) obtained from a German university; or
    5. a degree obtained from a foreign institution of higher education which is equivalent to those specified in lit. c) and d);

  2. An adequate knowledge of the English language. See below for further information about the possibilities to proof your Englisch proficiency.

  3. A proof of very basic German knowledge (if your language of instruction was not German in your previous education).
    This proof can be a certificate of any German course (any level) of the Goethe Institute or another language school (including your home university).
    If you cannot proof basic German knowledge during your application, you have to complete a basic German course during your first two semesters at our University. (Here you can find more information)

Please also take notice of the additional conditions for applicants with a degree from and Indian or Chinese/Vietnamese/Mongolian university (see below).

Required Application Documents

The application is done thorugh TUM's online portal TUMonline. In order to apply, please register there and complete the application form. Useful instructions for TUMonline are available on TUM's information page for applicants and students .

In a first step, all documents are handed in electronically. In case of an admission, applicants must then send several documents to the TUM Center for Study and Teaching by post.

In the following we list the documents that you will need to upload in your TUMonline applicant account. Please also use our application documents checklist provided in the documents section.

A proof of English language proficiency

You will have to provide one of the following proofs:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); minimum 605 points TOEFL paper based (PbT); minimum 234 points TOEFL computer based (CbT); minimum 88 points TOEFL (IbT); The test centre can send the test report directly to TUM admission office (TOEFL code: 7806, department: 99),
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic), minimum 6,5 points; Please note: If you cannot receive your Test Report Form (TRF), please upload a PDF document with your TRF Number on it instead. Every passed IELTS test has a TRF Number (Test Report Form Number),
  • Cambridge Main Suite of English Examinations (CAE/ CPE, level A,B, C),
  • PTE Academic English Test. The minimum score for admission to the come.tum program is 65.
  • For students whose language of instruction was English, you can provide an officially confirmed statement issued by your university (e.g., on the certified graduation documents) on your language of instruction.

A transcript of records

The transcript of records or semester mark sheets listing your subjects and grades. If the transcript is not issued in English or German, we also need an officially authenticated translation. Please note: If the final degree certificate and/or the final year transcripts are not yet available on the date of application, complete certification of the first degree coursework and examination results (transcript of records) issued by the responsible examination authority or the responsible university office must be submitted. The copy must include the aggregate mark or graduate average, including an explanation of the grading system (maximum grade, minimum passing grade, etc.).

A curriculum vitae

We require a curriculum vitae in table Formatted as a table and written in the English language;

A motivation letter

The motivation letter needs to be written in the English language (500 words at maximum). Applicants should demonstrate what qualifies explicitly them for the Master’s Program in Computational Mechanics. You should explain why particularly you are eligible for the Master's Program in Computational Mechanics.

An essay

The essay needs to be written in English (500 words at maximum). Applicants should address the topic given out by the examination board each year. The topic will be announced until 15 December at the latest (see below). In the essay, you should show your technical knowledge in Computational Mechanics and demonstrate scientific and method-oriented working skills.

The topic of the essay for the application period in 2024 is:

We would like to learn about your personal and academic development expectations. Discuss which course from the curriculum in Computational Mechanics at TUM offers a good means to reach those expectations. Also, please indicate which courses, projects, or other activities from your Bachelor studies relate to the contents of that course.

  • You can find a list of offered compulsory and elective courses in our wiki at
  • Please reference and discuss only one specific module from the Master's in Computational Mechanics in depth.
  • Restrict your discussion to a maximum of two most relevant subjects from your Bachelor’s studies.

A reference letter

You have to provide one letter of reference. Please use the appropriate form (available in .pdf  in the download section). Please fill in your name, sign the form, and give this form to a professor or other person who is well acquainted with your academic work (no job reference). The recommender should use his or her own institutional letter paper to write the recommendation letter. Upload the filled out form and the letter.

If the recommender does not want to hand out the recommendation letter to you, he/she can also send it to The recommender will then get a confirmation email that we received your recommendation letter. Please upload this confirmation email instead of the actual recommendation letter in the application portal. 

For applicants with a degree from an Indian University: GATE score card

Applicants with a degree from an Indian university have to submit their recent GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) results in one of the following areas:

  • Aerospace Engineering (AE)
  • Civil Engg. (CE)
  • Mechanical Engg. (ME)
  • Engineering Sciences (XE) in all combinations of sections except for those including (C) or (G).

You have to qualify for the GATE exam and your calculated GATE score has to be at least 550 in order to qualify for admission to the COME master's program.

Graduates with a degree from an Indian Institute of Technology do not need to provide a separate GATE.

For applicants with a degree from a Chinese/Mongolian/Vietnamese University: APS certificate

Applicants with a degree from a Chinese/Mongolian/Vietnamese university have to submit a APS certificate.

For applicants with a degree from a country not part of the EU/EEA/EFTA signatory nations:

Applicants who achieved their qualification for postgraduate studies (e.g. Bachelor's degree) in a country outside the EU/EEA, have to submit a preliminary documentation (VPD) by uni-assist.

A copy of your passport

Please upload a simple copy of your passport.

Optional: A German language certificate

If you cannot submit any certificate of basic proficiency in the German language (e.g. A1.1) at the time of application, TUM will still accept a later submission. Please consider that basic proficiency in German has to be proven before the end of your second semester at TUM (final deadline).

Optional: A Ranking Certificate

If available, please upload a ranking statement (certified by your university), e.g., that you completed your Bachelor as the 3rd best student among 50 other graduates in your term.

Further procedure

Please follow the instructions of the online application carefully and refer to the application guide when in doubt. During the online application process you will be told exactly which further documents are required. If you have any further questions, contact us.

Decisions on admission are made by the Board of Examination. All applicants are informed immediately.

After admission to our program

In case of admission, you will have to accept your spot and submit the application together with documents for enrollment. 

Please do not send the documents for enrollment to our Master's program. Follow the instructions in TUMonline and use the postal address stated on the official documents.

For this you will need an officially authenticated copy of bachelor, diploma degree or equivalent. Please consider these hints about notarization and how to get an officially authenticated copy.

You also must have a proof of sufficient health insurance in order to be able to enrol at TUM. Please visit the TUM info page on mandatory health insurance.

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