Akyazi, Necati
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Eichhorn, Christian (@ga73wuj)
Submission Date:[created]


Dementia is a debilitating disease that harms not only the affected person but also everyone around them. Loneliness is expected, as PwD may forget the people they once held dear. So far, there is no known cure for this ailment, and more and more people are struggling with it. While there may be no cure, there are ways to decrease the severity of symptoms. Keeping the mind active and not succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle is one way to fight this curse. Using serious games is not only limited to learning purposes but also training, which is why it is also a valuable source for PwD. This project focuses on creating a virtual game on a tablet that dementia patients can enjoy. New technology is confusing for older people. That is why the game must be adapted for them with different measures. The touchscreen of a tablet is an unintuitive approach for games when it comes to the elderly. A solution to this problem is the use of 3D-printed game pieces, which are reminiscent of classical board games. Nine-Men’s-Morris is a well-known board game in Germany, the target audience. It has a limited number of rules and offers a pleasing way to strategize. To keep the game interesting, other versions of the game were added. More boards with varying sizes and training options are also included. The visuals in the game can be adjusted to personalize the game. Big fonts and color-blindness-safe colors guarantee a greater audience. The end consists of an evaluation and ideas to further improve the project

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