In this manual we show you how to set up a TUM e-mail address and/or turn on e-mail forwarding


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1. Log in TUMonline

Please log in to TUMonline.

Click on the application “E-mail Adresses”:

Screenshot: Application “E-mail Addresses”

2. Choose e-mail address

In the application “E-mail Adresses” the window “Email addresses (incoming)” opens. Here you can set up your TUM e-mail address and select your mailbox.

Screenshot: Choose TUM e-mail address

Please note: 

  • The e-mail address is made up of your first name and last name, i.e. your e-mail address is (e.g.
  • In the field on the left, you can edit your first name, e.g. enter the name of your choice.
  • In the field on the right, you can select your last name or a part of your last name in the drop-down field. Double names cannot be used.
  • A further option is using the e-mail address (e.g. that you receive automatically. Tip: You can find your TUM ID as well as this e-mail address in the application “E-Mail Addresses” under “Current addresses”.

3. Select mailbox and enable e-mail forwarding

In the application “E-mail Addresses” you can select your mailbox under “Mailbox chosen”:


forward only

Please enter a valid e-mail address in “Forward mails to”.
Your e-mails will be forwarded to this e-mail address.

TUM-Mailbox (Exchange)

You can set up a mailbox in the Exchange mailbox of TUM . Your e-mails will then be forwarded to the Exchange mailbox which you can access by clicking on the link after logging in with your TUM ID (e.g. “ga53xez“) and your password.

If you have also entered a forwarding address in this menu, your e-mails will be forwarded additionally.

Tip: If you have set up an exchange mailbox, you can quickly and easily access your e-mails in TUMonline by clicking on the application “TUM Mailbox (Exchange)”.

Screenshot: Application “TUM Mailbox (Exchange)”

4. Set main e-mail address

  • Under “Sender address (main email address)” you can define your main TUM e-mail address which will be displayed in your TUMonline.
  • If you use the TUM Exchange mailbox, “last name, first name” will be used as the “display name” by default.