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Old topics

(Guided Research | Master Thesis) Computer Science or Games Engineering Multi-User Waytracking for and with AR

Description: AR applications benefit from an enhanced understanding of the scene - a navigation application, for example, will be better if more than just a 3D model is known of the scene. This "more" can be, for example, paths that users frequently use or motion patterns like "stair climbing" that indicate whether a part of the path requires increased attention and should rather not be overlaid by AR content. To this end, an existing AR application for the FMI main hall will be extended with IMU-based pathtracking that iteratively computes standard paths from user motion patterns and extends them into a navigation tool.

Suggested (but not mandatory) Knowledge:

  • Unity
  • Affinity for sensor data
  • Nodejs / Javascript

(Bachelor / Master Thesis / Guided Research Games Engineering) User-centered 3D Reconstruction Metaphors for AR Apps - Frontend 

Description: Hand-held Image-based 3D reconstruction expects that the user moves a sensor along a sphere around an object. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a user without feedback to see which areas have already been covered. Real-time Augmented Reality Feedback can solve this problem. However, there exists several approaches for such a guidance (visualising a bounding box, automatic image capturing, visualising camera positions). This thesis aims to implement several metaphors an explore their impact on the reconstruction quality.

Suggested Knowledge:

  • Unity 3D
  • preferably Vuforia or ArCore Experience

(Guided Research | Master Thesis | Bachelor Thesis) Computer Science or Games Engineering) The real world in VR - An Analysis of Image Based Rendering Techniques and Scene Synthesis

Description: Most VR experiences are built upon manually designed virtual scenes, some of them even mocking an existing reality. But a special research field that gains more and more attention of big players in VR like Google and Facebook starts investigating ultra-realistic technologies based on light fields and image based rendering technologies. This thesis should give an overview and should evaluate specificly the possibilities of the Unity based ColibriVR library.  https://caor-mines-paristech.github.io/colibri-vr/

Suggested Knowledge:

  • Unity3D
  • a basic understanding of photogrammetry
  • No aversion to literature research

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