Study progress

In any case, students are required to meet the deadlines and thus comply with the standard duration of study of four semesters. However, it is possible to exceed the standard duration of four semesters up to max. 2 semester.

According to § 38 FPSO and § 10 APSO

students need to earn at least:
  • one of the module examinations (introductory modules ED0223, ED0232, EDO224, ED0225) by the end of your second semester

  • a minimum of 30 Credits by the end of your third semester

  • a minimum of 60 Credits by the end of your fourth semester

  • a minimum of 90 Credits by the end of your fifth semester

  • 120 Credits by the end of your sixth semester (Graduation)

In the event that students exceed those deadlines (except the last one), the module examinations not yet taken are deemed irreversibly failed unless justified by compelling reasons. (Only for the 6th semester there is a special regulation: in the event that the 120 credits not have been earned by the end of the 6th semester, the examination modules (usually only the master’s thesis) are deemed taken and only not passed (instead of irreversibly failed). Then the master’s thesis may be repeated but only once in a 7th semester.)

(warning) Please contact the secretary of the examination board in case you won't be able to stick to those deadlines!

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