Prof. Gudrun Klinker, Ph.D. (with David Plecher, Daniel Dyrda and Sven Liedtke)

General Information

The Demo Day of the Fakultät für Informatik aims to provide a platform for exceptional student projects to be presented to a broader audience.

Students have the opportunity to present interesting demonstrations and results obtained in the context of courses, exercises or other activities and discuss these with a broad range of visitors.

The presentations each consist of a conference-style "one minuite madness" introduction and a demo- or poster-presentation afterwards.

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Winter semester 2024

The Demo Day of the summer semester 2024 will take place on 06. February 2024. Students will present their current projects in the context of different teaching or research activities.

Time & Location

The Demo Day will take place on 06. February 2024.

  • Presentations: 16:00 - 17:15, Room: HS2
  • Posters/Demos: 17:30 - 20:00 in the main hall
  • Award ceremony: TBA

Information for participants

  • For registration, please use the registration form or send a short notice with your project name and the members of your team to David Plecher

  • Presentation: each participating project will be presented in a 1-minute teaser-presentation, consisting of 1 slide
  • The presentation should be given in english
  • Do not use any animations/multiple pages in your slides. You will not have direct control over your presentation.
  • Please send this slide by using the registration form or via email to David Plecher
  • Please use the template for the presentation slide (see below)

  • ATTN: For the presentation, please try to roughly sort by project number, so we get a smooth flow of presenters

  • Each project has to give a demo-presentation in the main hall (poster+demo also possible)
  • In special cases you can have your poster printed (A1). Please use the registration form or contact David Plecher. You can use the template below for your own posters.
  • Please do not use videos on your slides.e

  • You get 1/2 table (with power but no Ethernet connection) demo space plus opportunity to put up your poster
  • Please ask if additional equipment is available (such as power, bright/dark lighting preferences, additional space, etc.) by using the registration form or contact David Plecher
  • Also send additional questions to David Plecher

Important Deadlines

  • 06. February 2024 16:00: Start Demo Day Summer 2023: Presentations
  • 06. February 2024 14:00: Setup 
  • 06. February 2024 13:00: Project IDs, Table Slots and Seating will be announced - see table below
  • 04. February 2024: Hand in the 1 minute madness slide
  • 02. February 2024: Last possibility to request additional requirements
  • 02. February 2024: Last possibility to submit poster files
  • 01. February 2024: Last possibility for registration for Demo Day SS 2022/23


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Seat/Booth Overview

Team Name


Booth (Table Number)

Team Number (Order of presentation 1-Minute-Madness)

Javora - Serious Game Bachelor Thesis 10 19
SARA: Smart AI Reading Assistant Gaze-based Human Computer Interaction. 12 21
Cicisoft - Fall for me! Computer Games Laboratory 13 26
Team Onion Computer Games Laboratory WS 23/24 14 27
Submechanophobia Game's Lab 15 28
Tri-Hards GamesLab 16 29
Truffle Hunters Master Practical Course 17 30
A Day of Patient Master Practical Course 18 31
OKU Master Practical Course Level Engineering 19 32
Group 11 Einführung in die Informatik für Games Engineering 1A 1
Orfeo Masterpraktikum Games Engineering: Orpheus 20 33
Experimental Hub Master Thesis 21 34
Fact Quest Master Thesis 22 35
Extending Multisensorial Feedback Capabilities of Virtual Pinball Machines to Improve Immersion Master Thesis 23 36
EcoGnomix Alumni 24 37
Running Hot Einführung in Informatik für Games Engineering 2A 3
404 Einführung in Informatik für Games Engineering 2B 4
Ghost Team Games mit Bewegung 30 22
VRizzards Games with Motion 31 23
Masters of Motion - That one time I got reincarnated into a rhythm game Games mit Bewegung- Dein Körper als 3D Nutzerinterface (CIT3220000) 32 24
BoardScapes Interaktionsmethoden und -geräte 33 9
Elevator Pitch Master Practical Course - GamesLab 34 25
Z3VR HCII2023 Paper 35 20
Stellar Odyssey Einführung in Informatik für Games Engineering 3A 5
Mothership Freedom Einführung in Informatik für Games Engineering 3B 6
Asteroid Odyssey Einführung in Informatik für Games Engineering (IN0031) 4A 7
Dead City IMGE 4B 8
Don't Die Einführung in die Informatik für Games Engineering 5A 2
Contraband Chase Interaktionsmethoden und Geräte 5B 10
TUM Nightmare Interaktionsmethoden und Geräte 6A 11
Racemarines Interaktionsmethoden und Geräte (IN0033) 6B 12
Chester Level Engineering 7A 14
Reflective Journey IMGE 7B 13
SLaM Studios Semester Gam Jam 8A 15
0Watermelons SemesterGameJam 8B 16
Call of the Flesh Geschichtswelten 9A 17
The Child of Rashiktar Geschichtswelten IN2290 9B 18
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