Klusmann, Jack Sterling
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Rudolph, Linda (@ge29tuw)
Submission Date:[created]


Mobile applications that enable users to scan objects of interest in 3D space and reconstruct their respective volume of interest in digital space have shown to be of strong interest, particularly when it comes to maintaining digital twins of large industrial facilities. However, there are still a lot of questions revolving around the usability of such applications, as their users would most likely have little no to knowledge of 3D scanning and reconstruction technology. Therefore, there is much eagerness to find user-friendly and easily operable user interfaces that allow users to annotate objects of interest intended for reconstruction. This bachelor's thesis indulges in a method for object annotation called voxel-carving, which involves a user taking pictures of an object of interest from different angles and drawing around the object in each picture. As part of this thesis, the user interface and experience centered around this method were investigated and later evaluated. The user study conducted as part of this thesis has shown promising results, suggesting that voxel-carving is an effective method for 3D reconstruction, while simultaneously delivering a satisfactory user experience. This could have a significant impact on the process of maintaining digital twins of large industrial facilities, as it would allow maintenance workers to easily create reconstructions of the machinery located inside the facilities. In effect, these digital twins can easily be kept up-to-date, as changes to these facilities could be easily and continuously integrated into the digital twins.

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