Moritz Naser
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:David Plecher
Submission Date:16.05.2022


In this Master Thesis, we want to discuss the impact of graphical fidelity on Serious Games and how a difference in graphical fidelity can influence the player experience and their learning income. To evaluate the Thesis, we developed a Serious Game that takes inspiration from modern open-world games, like Assassins Creed, and filled it with learning Content for the Latin language and history. For the evaluation part, we assigned people to two different testing groups. One group tested the game with high graphics settings and the other with reduced graphics settings. In the end, we were able to tell the difference between both groups in the experience as well as in the learning outcome. 


Download via Steam (please assign yourself a key of the list by writing ASSIGNED to the according key):


We can definitely draw the conclusion that the Serious Game Ludus Magnus has immense potential. Ludus Magnus received the GamesPreis22 in the "best game" category as an honourable mention. Together with the testers' feedback Ludus Magnus got a tremendously positive reception.
Also, if we take a look back at the goals for the project, we can confidently say that we reached them. Firstly, we created an open-world game with most of the features of modern triple-A games and secondly, we integrated learning content within the context of the world and story.