Kim, Anh
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Klinker, Gudrun (@gi32kef)
Submission Date:[created]


As someone who has studied film and photography, there always has been a fascination about cameras and the possibilities with them. Depth of field plays one of the major roles in it, and the methods that use this aspect have been long used in medicine on a microscopic level. With this knowledge and the recent development, the idea for the thesis of this paper was created: If in an image object A is in focus while object B is out of focus and another image with object B in focus and object A out of focus exists with the camera-parameters are known for both, an algorithm using the change between the camera-parameter can be found and calculated to measure the relative distance between both objects. Additionally, with this calculation, there should be a way to generate depth-information based on these known facts. Thus, the thesis of this paper is “Assessment of Information from Depth of Field”. Researching the problems and aspects associated with this is the goal of the paper.

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