Luong, Min Shan
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Eichhorn, Christian (@ga73wuj)
Submission Date:[created]


In this report we present an approach to calibrate a projection-based augmented reality environment using a digital projector and a small cube robot with a phototransistor fixed on its topside. The robot is equipped with an internal tracking system to identify its 2D position and rotation on a specific play mat. We focus on determining the relative six degrees of freedom (6DoF) transformation between this play mat and a projector. Furthermore, we investigate an approach for calibrating this projector using an embedded optical sensing system as an alternative to well-established approaches, e.g., projector-camera calibration methods. More precisely, we calibrate this projector using measurements from a phototransistor at various positions. Finally, we demonstrate our calibration result in a simple game environment and evaluate the accuracy of the phototransistor measurements and the alignment of the projections with their projection target.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


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