Fahad, Khawaja
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Klinker, Gudrun (@gi32kef)
Submission Date:[created]


As with ever-increasing improvements in technology that allow for better performance each year and the access of mobile devices has risen to spread across the majority of people of the planet more and more interest is being shown by the consumer augmented Reality. This has started an exodus of the technology previously held by the academic domains. As the access to this technology becomes more and more frequent the demand for this technology to provide the consumer a more enriched environment is evident. This thesis explores the origins of perspective and how this developed into two branches linear and nonlinear. Furthermore, the thesis dives into a brief history of augmented reality. After that, it explores previous research done on the subject and how it has shaped the direction of the technology. A system is developed to provide a way to improve user experience via multi-perspective cameras. In conclusion, a performance analysis was done to find the correlation of performance against the number of AR cameras in the system

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