Hof, Regina
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Rudolph, Linda (@ge29tuw)
Submission Date:[created]


Digital Twins are an important contribution to the ongoing industrial digitization. They are a virtual representation of real objects and, of course, they are preferably as realistic as possible. This raises the question how such a model can be obtained. An option is the merging of 3D scans of the real object with CAD priors, which was explored in this thesis. A basic concept for the automatic enhancement of 3D scans with CAD models has been established. The individual steps of the pipeline, i.e. Preprocessing, Registration and Model Merging, are reviewed in theory and analysed. An emphasis was put on the problems that come with dealing with rather different virtual representations of the same 3D object. The above mentioned pipeline was implemented with several registration algorithms from open source libraries. The applied registration algorithms were chosen due to their capacity of dealing with crosssource model problems, which was subsequently evaluated. Furthermore, experiments for the merging step were executed.

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