Loher, Adrian
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Eichhorn, Christian (@ga73wuj)
Submission Date:[created]


The objective of this thesis is to determine whether and how an Apple Watch application can support and facilitate the everyday life of seniors. In order to achieve this goal, besides using extensive literature research, two surveys were conducted with caring relatives, professional caregivers, and seniors to identify the needs and requirements of the elderly. The obtained insights formed the basis for the application, which was subsequently developed. In the course of the development process, the use-cases of displaying the weather information, drinking and medication reminders were realized. These use-cases provide recommendations and reminders for vital activities for seniors. The resulting standalone application strives to assist seniors living at home as well as mentally fit seniors in nursing homes. Finally, the application was evaluated with a survey to assess the implementation and to derive potential further improvements. Additionally, design guidelines for the development of such an application were deduced based on the collected findings.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


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