Yazgan, Arda
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Eichhorn, Christian (@ga73wuj)
Submission Date:[created]


The pace of population aging is increasing dramatically over years and the main goal of this population is to live a healthy and independent life. Stuides in this field showed that serious games can enhance the cognitive abilities and psychomotor skills of the elderly at the same time give the elderly sense of enjoyment and reduce the feeling of loneliness. There are also researchs that state augmented reality technologies have been used to enhance traditional games and the results are positive, meaning that seniors are able to adapt themselves to this technology and since they like the mixture of real and virtual world, a game developed using this technology seems more attractive to them. The aim of this thesis is to develop a mobile serious game called take cARe using augmented reality to help the target group, seniors, get a better knowledge of how they can live a healthy and independent life. It provides information about some mistakes and incorrect knowledge that seniors have and tries to teach them a better way of living. To achieve this, minigames in the context of nutrition, memory and medication and physical exercise are implemented into the game and through the interaction with the virtual world, seniors learn and challenge themselves in addition to the entertainment of the game. Since seniors have some difficulties and suffer from diseases, some special design and architectural guidelines for them are followed to give them a better gaming experience. After the development, an online survey is executed to get feedback about the usability and the enjoyment of the application.

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