Landvogt, Janosch
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Weber, Sandro (@no68tap)
Submission Date:16.08.2021


Location-based entertainment centres often have free wall space available and use ball pit plastic balls as part of their entertainment. These aspects can be combined to make use of the available free space by designing an interactive wall tracking system where ball throw impacts are used as an input method for digital sports games. Goal of this thesis is to design a wall tracking system that determines wall impact points of thrown plastic balls. The special use case of location-based entertainment centres come with certain specifications regarding ball properties, target group, physical robustness of the systems hardware and calibration and ease of use for both players and operators. The tracking is achieved through analysing the occurrence of motion blur and transparency in the colour image of single low cost 30 FPS camera. A projector shows the tracked impact area and the digital sports game itself on a wall where the tracked impact points are processed for gameplay interaction.

Thesis (.PDF)

Final Presentation Slides (.PDF)