Hainz, Matthias
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Dyrda, Daniel (@ga67gub)
Submission Date:[created]


The representation of the world in a video game can be quite realistic nowadays. To allow the player to understand the geography of huge playable spaces and efficiently navigate the terrain, it is necessary to provide some meaning to the virtual space. Partitioning the map into ever smaller areas and thus abstracting the spatial information of objects within these areas is an interesting approach to meaningfully describe spatial relations. This thesis deals with the creation of such an abstraction hierarchy, the search for a fitting data structure to describe the hierarchy and the implementation into Unity. In the description of the process several design and implementation possibilities are discussed with their respective benefits and problems. Furthermore the thesis explains possible fields of application, in which the hierarchy can be beneficial for the developer or the game experience.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


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