Chrysa Bika
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Daniel Dyrda, M.Sc.
Submission Date:15.10.2020


The main purpose of this bachelor ’s thesis is to develop methods and solution-oriented approaches, which will enhance inclusion and innovation in games engineering. To achieve this goal, the methodology of a thorough literature review was utilized. Much attention has been given to the state-of-the-art of games engineering, interaction of game development teams and the correlation between teams and their published video games. Numerous studies have shown the need to develop diverse games with female protagonists, as the female population that enjoys playing video games is constantly increasing. Moreover, the group of people with disabilities still face several issues when attempting to play video games. For an inclusive game experience, more accessibility features and accessible devices should be implemented.

Furthermore, two practical projects were developed in this thesis. With the first project, exercises and potential lecture slides for a games engineering curriculum were generated. Here students can, for instance, learn what it means to have an impairment and which accessibility features can be implemented to enable playing games. The second project is an interview with an expert from a famous video game company with studios across the world. The interviewee evaluated the introduced methods and gave insights into the work of a games company.

Keywords: games engineering, software engineering, inclusion, innovation, diversity, accessibility, discrimination, education


Only because an issue might seem self-evident to a group of people, it might be completely surprising for others.

How can inclusion and innovation be enhanced in games engineering? The literature review and research show that it is important to analyze the state-of-the-art. Once it is clear, which approaches are already in practice, they can be secured and evolved.

Furthermore, education is an important aspect. People have to be educated in school, university and the work place about issues such as discrimination and how to be more diverse and inclusive. This can happen through panel discussions, specific inclusion-modules, training seminars and workshops. It is not enough to only mention diversity and inclusion on the side, it is an important topic which has to be addressed constantly. Otherwise it won’t stick with people. Above that, diversity is needed for creativity. The more creative a team or company is, the more innovative will their products be.

Moreover, attention has to be paid to make processes and structures smoother for everybody. This includes minority groups such as people with disabilities. Companies should think about how they can make their offices accessible and their products and user experience convenient for everybody. If the environment is appropriate for individuals and they have a feeling of belonging, they will be able to thrive. With people feeling heard and empowered, the company will thrive as well.

As the interviewee said: "I am extremely happy, it is a dream job. [...] I am not leaving the [games] company [...] It is perfect." The goal would be to reach this enthusiasm in every employee and every student.

And as Ruth Bader Ginsburg said: "Young women today have a great advantage, and it is that there are no more closed doors [Ala15]." The doors should be open for anybody, regardless of their gender, their background, and whether they have a disability or not. It is important to grant access to education and the opportunity to enjoy one’s leisure time. Especially, in today’s globalized world, where the majority of people has access to computer and computer games, it would be great for everybody to have the option to enjoy developing and/or playing them.

The Thesis

Final Presentation