Jana Hoffard, Anastasia Pomelova
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Adnane Jadid
Submission Date:29.02.2020


The goal of our project was to combine the Occulus head mounted display with a leap motion and a ZED mini camera to enable a more intuitive and immersive game experience. We implemented a base defence game similar to Plants Vs. Zombies where the player could walk around the board and defend his/her base with plants against insects. The player has to place different types of plants to defend the base against the approaching enemy types via intuitive motions like actual grabbing. 



Game overview

Menu UI

Hand UI with currency display and available plants
Placing plants

Updrading via can & display of upgrade cost
Deleting via can & display of plant health


Posters and Presentations

Game Design

Plants Vs Insects: Game Design


Demo Day feedback


Jana Hoffard

Anastasia Pomelova