Börge Kessner
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Andreas Dippon, Volker Schneider, Lars Peter
Submission Date:15.07.2016


Although automation has become an important aspect in aviation today, a faultless implementation and accurate prediction of automation behavior is still a challenge for engineers. Thus, a cooperation of several TUM institutes and an aircraft manufacturer is currently researching these fields with the aid of a highly automated research plane that is capable of proceeding a given trajectory defined by waypoints automatically. Because the detailed planning and correct prediction of such a flight path was almost impossible with the existing setup, the objective of this interdisciplinary thesis was to develop a concept and a first prototype for a trajectory planning tool, where a flight path could be generated and visualized in a two- and three-dimensional environment. The applied research resulted in the fact that with open source graphics libraries like OpenSceneGraph good rendering back ends already exist, although no projects have broached the issues of visual trajectory planning and prediction in such great detail so far. After a theoretical studying and conception phase, in a practical part a prototype software could be developed, capable of rendering different maps and terrains as well as fully defined flight paths. A great focus was thereby set on modularity and expandability to allow further developments of the software.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


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