Benjamin Schagerl
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor: Dr. Manuel Huber , Frieder Pankratz and Christian Waechter
Submission Date:15.08.2014


Computer Vision and Augmented Reality are gaining more and more popularity and importance these days. Camera calibration, which is an essential step in preparation of those, remains a complex and time consuming process. The analysis of commonly found camera calibration tools and applications has shown that they are often either inaccessible or hard to use. This thesis describes the implementation of a camera calibration service. This web service uses a 2D plane based calibration for a straightforward procedure which provides accurate results. Besides, it features presets for calibration patterns, module parameters, and export templates. Additionally, camera calibrations can be saved, reviewed, and loaded. All of this is achieved with cutting-edge technologies. The front-end is created with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript?. The back-end is powered by the fast and scalable server environment Node.js. Persistent user data is made possible with the document-oriented database MongoDB?. The finished implementation demonstrates that camera calibration as a web service is, in fact, both feasible and beneficial. Furthermore, it serves as a great foundation for future work and it could possibly be the pioneer in web based photogrammetric camera calibration services.

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