Mahmoud Bahaa
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:Peter Keitler
Submission Date:31.08.2010


The project is meant to introducing feature-based tracking to the real-world in terms of scale and orientation (7 D.O.F). The problem is that feature-based tracking provides only 6DOF and the scale, however the scale is not reliable because feature-based tracking coordinate system depends on the features it is initialized with, therefore the origin of the system differs from one initialization to another, on the other side, marker tracking is relatively reliable and accurate, however there are some industrial situations where using markers is not suitable, moreover the dependency on the presence of markers acts as a barrier towards using tracking in our daily life. The approach of solving this problem is using reference pose frames from an accurate tracking system (Marker Tracking, Advanced Real-time Tracking - A.R.T, etc.) to register the feature map of feature-based tracking in the world. Finally, this hybrid tracking system is supposed to provide both the independence of feature-based tracking and the accuracy of the other tracking system, which provides reliable, robust and powerful tracking system.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


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