Christian Trübswetter
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor: Gudrun Klinker, Verena Broy
Submission Date:16.08.2005


The aim of this Master's Thesis is to find out to what extent physical objects in our real world differ from digital objects that are created by a computer. These differences create barriers between the digital and the physical world. The field of augmented reality, in which the physical world is enhanced with digital elements, must cope with the imposed barriers. This work tries to systematically find and explain the inherent characteristics of both physical and digital objects. There will be a analysis on which characteristics exist in both worlds and which ones are more closely related to one world. Ways are shown how to simulate or replace the exclusive characteristics in the opposite worlds. It will be pointed out how digital and physical objects can be interconnected with each other in order to form mixed objects. Furthermore, some examples will be given how collaborative work can benefit from mixed objects. Finally, an exemplary augmented reality application will be designed which makes use of the gained insights.

Results/Implementation/Project Description


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