In this part, you can find information about the lab equipments and materials (including description of devices, process protocols and process parameters optimized through different experiments, datasheets, booking procedure):

    • Spin Coater Laurell WS650 
    • Exposure System Kloe UV KUB2
    • Laser Lithography Kloe Dilase 250
    • CNC Milling Machine - DIADRIVE 2000
    • Diener Zepto Model 8 Type B
    • Upright Microscope DM3 XL
    • MACSQuant 
    • Upright Microscope DM6M 
    • Inverted Microscope DMi8 
    • DMILLEDs 

You can also find protocols about commonly used procedures:

    • Soft Lithography
    • Lithography - Different Photoresists
    • Metal Deposition
    • Etching
    • Anodic Bonding

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