Master seminar Machine learning in Neuroimaging 

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Christian Wachinger, Anne-Marie Rickmann, Tom Nuno Wolf, Fabian Bongratz


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  • Deadline for deregistration is October 4, 2022, 23:59.
  • August 5, 2022: Matching results have been released.
  • The pre-course meeting takes place on July 18, 2022 at 1pm via Zoom (link can be found on TUM Online). Slides are here.
  • Slides from the kickoff are here.


  • July 18, 2022, 1pm: pre-course meeting
  • August 5, 2022: Release of matching results
  • October 4, 2022, 23:59: Deadline for deregistration
  • October 24, 1pm: Kickoff (attendance mandatory)
  • Before Christmas: Meet your supervisor (optional but recommended)
  • 9/10 January 2023, 9-13: Block seminar (attendance is mandatory)


Paper IDTitlePublished inLinkAdditional materialSupervisorStudent


Single Subject Prediction of Brain Disorders in Neuroimaging: Promises and PitfallsNeuroImage

Christian Wachinger

Andres Zapata
2Building better biomarkers: brain models in translational neuroimagingNature Neuroscience
Christian WachingerDing Zhou
3Uncovering the heterogeneity and temporal complexity of neurodegenerative diseases with Subtype and Stage Inference  (SuStain)Nature Communications

Christian Wachinger

Lisa Schmierer

4Conditional VAEs for Confound Removal and Normative Modelling of Neurodegenerative DiseaseMICCAI 2022

Nuno Wolf

5Disentangling Normal Aging from Severity of Disease via Weak Supervision on Longitudinal MRIIEEE TMI WolfTabea Lüdde
6Deep learning-based unlearning of dataset bias for MRI harmonisation and confound removal NeuroImage WolfEfe Berk Ergüleç
7Are 2.5D approaches superior to 3D deep networks in whole
brain segmentation?
MIDL 2022 Bongratz
8Robust, Primitive, and Unsupervised Quality Estimation for Segmentation EnsemblesFrontiers in Neuroscience
Fabian BongratzPablo Darriba
9Analyzing the Quality and Challenges of Uncertainty Estimations for Brain Tumor SegmentationFrontiers in Neuroscience
Fabian BongratzRobin Falter
10Goal-specific brain MRI harmonizationNeuroImage
Anne-Marie RickmannJiajun Wang
11Surface Vision Transformers: Attention-Based Modelling applied to Cortical AnalysisMIDL 2022 RickmannNian Li
12Spherical U-Net on Cortical Surfaces: Methods and ApplicationsIPMI 2019 RickmannMilena Eisemann

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