There are several printers for use by students. You default printer will depend on the computer that you are logged into. The printers in the CIP and Container rooms can only be used from those rooms!

Printer in the MiniPool (next to the main entrance)

The HP LaserJet 602 printer in the MiniPool can be used from the computers in that room. It is called minipool in the printer selection dialog.

Printer in CIP1

The HP LaserJet 602 printer in CIP1 (room 1151) can be used from the computers in that room. It is called cip1 in the printer selection dialog.

Printers in the CIP container

In room 1 and room 2 in the container building, there are HP LaserJet 3150 printers with automatic duplex units. They are called cont1 and cont2 in the printer selection dialog.

Virtual PDF mail printer

If you print to the pdfmail printer, a PDF file will be created and sent to your email account.

Print quota

The number of pages you can print on all physical printers (cip1, cont1, cont2, foyer) is limited. At the start of every month you get 2.50 EUR on your printing account. Each printed page costs you 0.05 EUR.

If you exceed your print quota your print jobs will be rejected. Your quota should easily suffice for printing worksheets, e-mails, web pages, etc. We remind you that our printers are not intended for printing large documents like lecture notes and diploma theses.

In some cases the printers cannot interpret (broken) files and will not print these documents that have already been counted towards your quota when passing through the print spooler. We cannot "reimburse" your quota for these files, the free printing is a concession anyway.

Check your Print Quota  (only works from inside the CIP network)

It is not possible to "recharge" your free print quota. If you need to print beyond your quota, please use the free PDF mail printer.

Waiting for printouts

It may take a long time for the printers to render high resolution scans. Please try to avoid printing documents with more than 150dpi. If you really must, be prepared to wait for several minutes (or longer) until the printer is finished rendering your job. You can check to see the current print queue status on the spooler. 

Useful Links:

(can be accessed only from inside the department)

Check your Print Quota

Print Queue CIP1 | Print Queue MiniPool

Print Queue Cont1 | Print Queue Cont2

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