The TUM Talent Factory invites postdoctoral researchers at TUM to participate in a series of workshops which are designed specifically to enhance research and transferable skills of postdoctoral researchers. As a rule, our workshops are in English and our program includes both on-site as well as online events.

We particularly recommend you to take part in workshops which go beyond your day-to-day research and e.g. to learn more about topics like science communication, teamwork or conflict negotiation. Most workshops are designed for early to mid-career postdocs, but we have added various workshops specifically for advanced postdocs and research group leaders, particularly the TUM Junior Fellows.

Please refer to our website for detailled descriptions of all workshops. 

Registration & Deadlines: You can register for the workshops by filing our registration form. Except for Info-Sessions, where the number of participants is not limited, registration opens 6 weeks before the start of a workshop. Registration closes 2-3 days before a workshop starts. In the case of a late registration, please send us an email at The selected applicants are expected to participate in the entire workshop.

You need to use your TUM email address to register for a workshop. If you do not have a TUM email address yet, please explain your situation in the motivation statement to ensure that you are eligible. Researchers who still join TUM during the next months with a position or fellowship can already register for workshops.

Please fill the registration form:

TUM Postdoc Workshops

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