In this workshop you will learn the most important Python basics. In order that everyone can work with the materials, we will provide you, you have to get settled with Google Colab

The following topics will be covered:

  • Syntax
  • Mathematical Functions and Python
  • String Operators and String Formatting
  • Operations with Lists
  • And much more!!


  • Your own laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Google account
  • Google Colab installed in Google Drive
    • Please install Google Colab to your Google account before the workshop


If you don't want to work with Google Colab, you can also download Anaconda IDE and Jupyter Notebook and work locally on your device. Please note, that we cannot give you any support for this in the workshop.

For Windows users, please add Python to your environment variables!

Here are some YouTube videos for the download:

If you have a hard time to download all the relevant software for this course, you can also use the installer.

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