If you willing to fulfill the Prerequisites (I) and the Personal Requirements (II) and you already have contact to a member of the LDV staff you can directly got to part IV.

I Prerequisites:

(tick) You are studying at TUM.

(tick) If you do your thesis or internship at a company check if the company ever worked with the TUM. Let your supervisor contact the former TUM supervisor.

(error) Do not start with your thesis before you found a supervisor. Only the university can acknowledge a thesis or internship and nobody likes to be presented just accomplished facts.

II Personal Requirements

Applying Students should be capable of:

(tick) working autonomously

(tick) communicating with other students in the research group

(tick) preparing problems and questions adequately 

(tick) research and process related sources, publications, products, tools, repositories, ... independent 

(tick) taking care of their own deadline in their study program

III Application:

Things that increase the chance of finding a supervisor:

(tick) Start your application mail with the correct form of address. If you are not sure how the person is called or what academic titles they have please check their web pages.

(tick) Send documents which show your recent academic achievements.

(tick) Include the time period in which you plan to accomplish your work. This means the earliest starting date and the finalization date. 

(tick) Describe your skills and capabilities (e.g. Hardware, Programming Languages, Software, ...)

(tick) Explain why you are interested in a certain topic. (No, a single interest in machine learning is like being interested in breathing.)

(tick) Make suggestions for potential topics, titles, research questions. This holds specially when you are applying for Masterthesis or Forschungspraxis

(tick) Explain what you want to work with or what you do not want to work with.

(tick) Inform yourself about the research interests of the person you are writing to in order to address the right topics.

(tick) If possible show some evidence that you have all required skills for an offered topic.

Things that decrease the chance of finding a supervisor:

(error) Copy and Paste (at least make the font look the same...)

(error) Send everybody at the chair the same mail, we will notice.

(error) Resend your mail because it was so bad that nobody answered.

Print the following parts or copy them to your project space in the wiki. Make sure all relevant points are tackled before your final presentation. 

IV Get Started

  • Inform your supervisor about certain deadlines in your curriculum.
  • Ask your supervisor to create a Wiki space for you.
  • If you start a new software project, ask your supervisor to create a repository for your thesis.
  • Fill out the application for computer access. This also enables you to open the student room of the LDV. If your project requires expensive computations ask your supervisor for HPC access.
  • Develop a project plan and send it to your supervisor. In the case of a Bachelorthesis, Masterthesis it is mandatory to prepare a project plan. It is also very helpful for any other kind of work.
  • Ask your supervisor to arrange a project meeting with the professor. This is the official start of your thesis.
  • Bring your official registration form for the thesis to this meeting, since it will be signed there.

V Completion

  • Clean up your working place.
  • Completed your wiki page.
  • Send a digital thesis copy before your deadline to your supervisor.
  • Hand in one printed copy of your thesis at the chair. You can do this at supervisor's or at the professors' office.
  • Read the Wiki-Page for final presentations.
  • Arrange a time slot for a rehearsal presentation with your supervisor.
  • Present your thesis in one of the LDV seminars.
  • Make sure the supervisor and the professor fills out the document of approvement of our thesis (blue form).

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