Christoph König
Supervisor:Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Advisor:David A. Plecher
Submission Date:29.03.2018


The work is about Mixed Reality (MR) technologies and how they can help to enhance the presentation of exhibits in a museum. A review of ways MR is already used in museums around the world, serves as inspiration for the development of a prototype for a Mixed Reality guide at the “Museum für Abgüsse Klassischer Bildwerke” (Abgussmuseum) in Munich. The evaluation of the prototype shows that although there is still work to do, the participants saw benefits in using MR to enhance the exhibits.


A map of the ground floor of the Abgussmuseum gives an overview of the augmented objects.

One of the augmented objects is a statue of a crouching Aphrodite that is missing both its arms and its head. Via Vuforias Model Tracking digital representations of the missing pieces are restored, as well as some introductory text.

Another augmentation helps one look inside a Model of the Parthenon, because the only physical opening makes it hard to see inside.

It also allows for an interior view of the model.


MR provides a valuable means to enhance the visitor experience and learning in the CH domain. The biggest challenge seems to be not the technology itself, but how to optimally embed it in the museum’s context.

The developed prototype is a small contribution for future developments in this area.

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