The goal of the Transatlantic Quantum Forum (TQF) – an event that is part of the newly incubated TUM Quantum Social Lab at the School of Social Sciences and Technology (SOT) –  is to explore (potential) policy implications of quantum technologies with a focus on quantum communication and quantum computing. With many developments still unknown, the TQF wants to facilitate conversations on governance structures, institutional design, and regulatory frameworks concerning quantum technologies. Therefore, it investigates some currently arising core challenges associated with quantum technologies, such as: 

  • How should we best promote innovation in quantum technologies? 
  • For which purposes should quantum technologies (not) be applied? 
  • How can we mitigate challenges and avoid risks that might come with the general rollout of quantum technologies? 

To address these and other questions on the future governance of quantum technologies, the TQF brings together scholars from different disciplines and across the Atlantic. Moreover, it aims to involve stakeholders from different societal spheres to ensure a broad spectrum of perspectives. 

The TQF is a joint initiative of four research centers in the U.S. and Europe: The Center for Quantum Networks at the University of Arizona, the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy, the Yale Information Society Project, and the Quantum Social Lab at the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology hosting the European site in collaboration with the TUM Think Tank

The TQF convenes at three virtually connected hubs in Los Angeles, New Haven and Munich on September 16th and 17th 2022. It takes place on-site and online across multiple time zones. 

The  Event is organized and facilitated by the team at the Professorship of Public Policy, Governance, and Innovative Technologies in collaboration with the TUM Think Tank.

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