Group Members:

  • Anja Kempf
  • Maarten Bussler
  • Mykola (aka. Nickolas) Morozov
  • Daniel Ziese

Milestone 1: Game Idea Pitch (10. November 2021)

Milestone 2: Game Prototype (24.11.2021)

Milestone 3: Interim Report (15.12.2021)

Milestone 4: Alpha Release (19.1.2022)

Milestone 5: Playtesting (2.2.2022)

Milestone 6: Final Release (16.2.2022)

Final Builds:

Video on Youtube:

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    1. I like the new spin on the (endless) runner genre: The inclusion of loops. They add a whole new level of strategic planning to an otherwise very reaction dependent gameplay.
    2. At the same time, I fear that players might get lost in the level, especially when a stressfull fighting phase starts which wipes everything else from the player's memory.
    3. I do not know the details of your design, but to alleviate my issue with it I suggest to reduce the fighting phase and related items/mechanics to be very short and ideally stateless so that they do not require or even benefit from long term planning or gathered resources.
  1. What is your favorite aspect of the proposed game? Why? 

    I liked playing temple run and the game reminds of it.

    What is your least favorite aspect? Why?

    Since it is a finite maze with loops, with some luck the game could run endlessly.

    Which single change or addition would you suggest to most improve the game? 

    I could imaging that it would be a cool 2 player game, where the 2nd player plays Slender.

  2. 1. I like the idea of a finite maze runner with loops

    2. You should watch out for unwinnable fights that for example occur just before the crossroad or require a specific item that you haven't found yet.

    3. If you gain a lot of distance on Slender Man, his presence doesn't feel as relevant anymore. Maybe he could occasionally place traps while chasing you, so you have to watch out more if you revisit a certain place. I think in your presentation you also mentioned a corruption effect around Slender Man, would be cool if he leaves a permanent trail behind him that you can also revisit

  3. Unknown User (ge75yuk)

    1. I really like your take on a Temple Run style game incorporating Slender Man. It feels thematically relevant and would be intuitive to play.
    2. One aspect I was not so sure about was that you want to make Slender man move faster than the player, and have the player gain distance through events. That makes me wonder if the distance gain by the player would be completely luck based with not enough skill expression. 
    3. Based on the above, I think it would be cool to also have ways for the player to gain distance by performing well at the game. For example, something like a combo bonus if the player successfully completes X tasks or dodges X obstacles in a row?