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Next to the extensive information provided by TUM Global & Alumni Office (General Information for international exchange students) this site provides more detailled information on preparing for your Architecture Study at TUM:

General information on courses and academic requirements

Exchange students in Architecture are divided in three levels:

    BA Basic Students: Bachelor Students who come to TUM in their 3rd and 4th semester of studies

    BA Advanced Students: Bachelor Students from their 5th semester of studies

    MA Students: Students who are enrolled in the Master`s program at their Home University.

In general, you only choose modules that correspond to your study level. BA students should not take MA modules.

We expect you to take at least 60% of your workload from the course offer of the subject area Architecture and Design. From our side, there isn't a minimum or a maximum amount of Credits exchange students have to take. Please check with your Home University if they have a minimum set requirement.

Please note that our Bachelor programs are in our first two years of study mostly in German. However, in the advanced Bachelor Modules as well in the Master’s program you will find a variety of modules taught in English or partly in English.
We expect you to have at least B1 German or B1 English language skills depending on the language of instruction of your chosen courses. Evidence of your current level of language must be supplied with your application. A confirmation issued by the Language Center of your Home University is enough.
 Visiting exchange students do not need to provide a Portfolio as part of the application process.

Learning Agreement / Study Plan

At TUM, Bachelor's and Master's programs are organised in modules. A module consists of one or more courses with aligned content and schedules. All TUM modules are identified by codes (module ID) relating to the study program or the School. Architecture modules usually start with AR or ED12 (e.g. AR00000 or ED120000). As mentioned, we expect you to take at least 60% of your workload from the course offer in the subject area Architecture and Design. On the Module Catalogue published on the TUM campus management system TUMonline you can find all information about all modules offered at TUM. 

When you prepare your study plan, please keep in mind that exchange students in Architecture are divided in three levels (BA Basic Students, BA Advanced Students and MA Students).

Please only choose modules that correspond to your study level. BA students should not take MA modules.

To prepare your Learning Agreement / Study Plan, please follow the instructions we prepared for incoming exchange students at Architecture on how to use the Module Catalogue. Please always indicate the module ID together with the title of the module in your study program or learning agreement respectively.

For a general idea of the modules offered when you are coming on exchange, you should refer to the previous year. As there are usually only minor changes between corresponding semesters, this is a good starting point for you. Please be aware though that modules are always subject to change and are not confirmed until the start of each semester. If necessary, you will be able to change your Study Plan/Learning Agreement after the semester has started, in agreement with your Home University.


BA Basic students will be allocated a Project by us, while BA Advanced and MA level students are required to take part in the Project market. Since projects are going to be allocated to you once shortly before lectures start, please just write in your learning Agreement "Project BA" or "Project MA" without indicating a specific Chair. Projects give:

  • for BA Basic: 13 CPs (ECTS)
  • for BA Advanced: 9 CPs (ECTS) in 2023/24 or 12 CPs (ECTS) from the academic year 2024/25
  • for MA: 15 CPs (ECTS)

For more information about the project allocation, please see the section Projects and Project Market (the section can be found below "During your stay abroad").

As contact person on your Learning Agreement, please write Giovanna Bianchi, Incoming Mobility ( 

Please note: Courses are the parts of a module. Sometimes the lecture is the only part of the module and both have the same title. But a module can also consist of more than one course and the titles of a module and of its corresponding courses may be different.

You are (usually) expected to take all courses of a module because you will do the module exam and not the course exam at the end of your studies. You can see which course(s) belong to the module in the module description and in your study tree.

Some courses are in German, some in English, some in German and English. Please check carefully the module and course description to know if your language knowledge enables you to take the course.
Important for students coming for 2 semesters: Please note that passed modules cannot be chosen again, even if the course title changes! If you take an already completed module again, you will not get credits/grade for it. Please keep this in mind already when writing your study plan.


Student accommodation is unfortunately not guaranteed for all Incoming students and many students will need to find their own accommodation.  As part of the application process, the Global and Alumni office offers you help and guidance in finding suitable accommodation.

Architecture students also have a Telegram group about searching for an accommodation: Telegram: Join Group Chat

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