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Course Registration

You will not be registered automatically for the courses you named in your learning agreement / study plan. In general, you need to register by yourself via TUMonline  after you completed your enrollment. The course registration opens in the beginning of October (winter term) and April (summer term) at the latest.

You (usually) need to register for all courses of a module. If in doubt about this, please check with us ( or directly with the responsible Chair!

There are different ways to register for courses

  • Through your study tree
  • Through the module description
  • Through the application “Courses”

Instructions can be found here. We advise you to register through your study tree or the module description, so you can easily see all courses that belong to the module you chose and how many ECTS the module has.

The application “Courses” can be useful if you want to look for something specific, for example using a key word, or you want to filter the language of instruction. But please note, here you will not be able to easily see to which module the course belongs, so you will not automatically know if it’s the only course you’ll have to take or how many ECTS you’ll get.

Please don't register for projects on TUMonline!

The project allocation is not through TUMonline as for the other elective courses, but every semester projects are allocated through project market one week before lecture start.

For all information about project allocation, please see the section Projects and Project Market.

TUM Language center

You will have the opportunity to improve your German and English, or learn another language, from the vast number of courses and workshops offered by the TUM Language Centre.

All information on language courses can be found here.

Changing your Learning Agreement

The scheduled dates for courses are updated only a few weeks before the beginning of the semester. Since you set up your study program or learning agreement at an early stage, you cannot be sure if there are time conflicts of your chosen courses, if the exam dates do collide or whether a course is actually taught in the semester. So be prepared that it might be necessary to revise your study program or learning agreement after the start of the semester.

As soon as your personal schedule is fix, you can start to state your changes in the learning agreement. We ask you to do this in the first 5 weeks of the lecture period, please check also with your Home University if they have a deadline. The changed learning agreement needs to be signed by the home and the guest university.

Projects and Project Market

A feature of the Architecture program is participation and completion of a Project. Individual project work is the central element of our study programs. In these projects, the core competency of architects – design – is being taught. Students will have the opportunity to increase their ability to create design with architectural means and develop essential research skills.

TUM Students have to work on a project each semester. As a visiting student, taking a Project is not compulsory for you. However, we hope that you will want the experience of studying a project to enhance your academic skills. Projects give:

  • for BA Basic: 13 CPs (ECTS)
  • for BA Advanced: 9 CPs (ECTS) in 2023/24 or 12 CPs (ECTS) from the academic year 2024/25
  • for MA: 15 CPs (ECTS)

These projects are assigned to thematic focus areas and will be presented to you by the Chairs of each academic area at the start of the semester.

To be assigned a project, BA students in their 1st and 2nd years have to get in touch with us and will be allocated a Project by us, while BA advanced and MA level students are required to take part in the Project market.

Please don't register for the projects on TUMonline! Project places are in fact not assigned via TUMonline like for other courses, but via Project market. This is an allocating system that guarantees a fair distribution of projects. Please understand that it is not possible to guarantee the allocation to a specific project. By entering 4 or more wishes, the interests of students are taken into account in the best possible way. The School Office has no influence over this system, and neither have the Chairs!  You will be treated alongside all other BA advanced and MA students of Architecture. Please choose all Projects that you find interesting so that you are not disappointed if you do not get your first choice. Obviously consider the language of instruction!

From 02 April 2024, 08:30 a.m., you can enter your provisional choices in the Project market. You must choose a minimum of 4 different projects, but you can also select more preferences, if you like. On 08 April 2024 at 10.00 a.m. the projects will be presented in person by the Chairs in the Audimax

As an alternative, you can follow the presentation in Livestream: (registration necessary).

You can then, if you wish, change your choices until 3 p.m. On 08 April 2024 at 3 p.m. the Projectmarket will close and the allocation process will begin. The results will be sent to the Chairs by e-mail on the same day and can be viewed by the students in the Projectmarket.

You can find an overview of all the Projects that will be offered here.

Important – all students who want to take part in the Projectmarket must have a valid TUM Login/Password!

For students who could not be allocated a place in the allocation process, a "post-allocation Project market" (Nachvergabe) will be set up.  This will take place on 10 April 2024 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The available project places will be indicated and students can enter their project wishes in the post-allocation Project market. At least four different wishes must be entered. On 10 April at 12 p.m. the Project market will be closed for entries and the allocation will be carried out. The results will be sent to the Chairs by e-mail on the same day and can be viewed by the students in the Project market.

You will find the system link here:

  • The registration is permitted with your personal TUM ID (e.g. aa12bbb) and your password.
  • Select an allocation. All the projects are listed and described. Click on an individual project to see the details.
  • At the end you will find a link „participate“ that takes you to the registration. On the left, you will find the list of the offered projects and on the right is the list of your selected projects.
  • Selection and sorting are done by drag & drop.
  • You must select at least 4 projects, but you can also select more.
  • The number shown in the right list represents the order of your preferences. First place is your first choice / favorite project. You can choose several projects to the same place if you want to select them with the same preference.  Just drag and drop them to the place where you would like them to be. Remember, you can choose 5 Projects with a preference of 1 and this means you will be randomly allocated to any one of these Projects. Or you can choose 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and the system will try to allocate you to 1, then 2, then 3… etc.
  • Save your selection by pressing the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Up until the deadline you can at any time change your preferences, choose other projects or remove from your selection projects you have already chosen.
  • You can see the results of the allocation process at To see the results, you have to log in with your TUM ID.
  • There is no automatic notification!

Examinations and registration for examinations

Examinations at the TUM School of Engineering and Design take place at the end of the semester. The exam will be a module exam and not the course exam, so the content of all courses of a module will be examined (see also Learning Agreement / StudyPlan in the section "Preparing for the stay abroad")

Exchange students have to register for the exams of all modules they wish to have grades/ECTS for, including from other departments or schools and the TUM Language Center (also projects/submissions of seminar papers, etc.). This is not an automatic process!

You will be informed about the registration period for exams at the TUM School of Engineering and Design via Email.

You have to register from exams in TUMonline. For that, you need to login in your TUMonline account.  You can also find the results of the exams in your TUMonline student’s account.

It is best to register for exams via your study tree. You can find further information on how to register for exams in the TUM wiki:

General information about exam registration for BA Architecture can be found here.

General information about exam registration for MA Architecture can be found here.

You can deregister from an exam up to 7 days before the exam date.

Examination results are published around March/April (winter term) and September/October (summer term) in your TUMonline account.

Buddy programm

Each semester we organize a Buddy Program, which new exchange students can take advantage of if they wish.  Incoming students are paired (or matched) to a TUM Architecture student who will help with their transition to Munich and to TUM. Such activities might include navigating around the campus; showing how to use the library, giving tips and help booking tickets on the public transport system; the best restaurants to visit or the best place to play sport.  If you would like to have a Buddy, please contact

Architecture Student Association - Fachschaft Architektur

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