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Welcome! We are the elected representatives of the doctoral candidates at the TUM School of Engineering and Design. We see ourselves as contact persons for all doctoral candidates at our School. Due to the different doctoral paths and the diversity of personalities at our School, a variety of challenges and problems can arise, which we address and try to solve together. So if you have any problems or suggestions related to your doctoral status at the School, do not hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming Events in the Term 2023-2024

  • ,  6:00 pm onwards: at Park Cafe - Nähe Hauptbahnhof und Stadtcampus 
    Join us at Park Cafe where we will spoil you with an array of lemonades and great company!
    After a series of wild celebrations, this is the perfect, tranquil end to the semester and our term as representatives. Please register via a short e-mail:

  •  , 6:30 pm onwards: GARNIX Open Air, Garching 
    Collect your free coupon and join us for an evening of fun; with music, dancing and great conversations.

  •  , 6:30 pm onwards: TUNIX Open Air, City-Campus 
    Collect your free coupon and join us for another evening of fun; an essential part of the PhD experience!

  •  : School Fest Engineering and Design, Garching
    Do not miss this event organized by our School of Engineering and Design.
    More information and other events organized by the School ED can be found here: News & Dates.

  • Sept 2024: Election of Doctoral Candidates' Representatives
    Are you interested in joining our team? We look forward to your application for the upcoming elections.
    Reach out to us if you have any questions or require additional information. 
    The upcoming term is from October 2024 to September 2025.

Past Events in the Term 2023-2024

  •  , 6pm onwards: GLÜHNIX, Garching 
    Get into the Christmas-Season with your free coupon for the TUM Christmas Markt in Garching. 
    Let's start the new term with a fun evening together. 

  • , 2.00pm: Will you be my research Valentine? [online]
    This online get-together is a chance for us to have fun, network, discuss topics we are passionate about and support each other too. Use the attached zoom link to join. We look forward to seeing you there. 
    Who knows how many academic connections you might find?

  • ,  7.00pm: Biases in Society & Science [online]
    All doctoral candidates at ED are invited to join our Women's Day online event with a keynote speech of Dr. Alina Gales, who will present opportunities and challenges of AI design, applications and use cases, while linking to our very own stereotypes and biases. After the impulse, we also have time for questions and discussion, as well as present possible financial support, awards etc.
    This event is part of the international women’s day event series at TUM.

  •  , 6pm onwards: Campus Cneipe, Garching
    We invite you to a PhD Get-Together in Die Campus Cneipe at Garching Forschungszentrum on 17 April (Wednesday) at 6 p.m. The first drink is on us! We would just ask you to register for the event by a short email to by the end of this week. This registration is mainly to help us plan appropriately, but we also welcome those without registration.


Socializing and networking between doctoral candidates

We see it as another central task for us to facilitate and promote the exchange between doctoral students of our School. The circumstances under which candidates do their doctorate at our School and the experiences they gain are very diverse. An exchange among each other can therefore be very valuable and also open up new perspectives for the assessment of the own situation as well as the own development. For this purpose, we regularly organize events for socializing and networking. We will inform you about the details and how to register via the known channels.

Telegram Group

Stay up to date via our Telegram group: Telegram Group Link

Who are we?

Artur Toshev

Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics

Campus Garching

Ayesha Mueller-Wolfertshofer

Urban Design

Campus Arcisstrasse

Deniz Köse

Urban Design

Campus Arcisstrasse

Jessica Bielski

Architectural Informatics

Campus Garching

Marco Hölzel

Land Management

Campus Arcisstrasse

Stuart Daniel James

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems 

Campus Garching

Representation in official committees

One of our main tasks is to represent the doctoral students of our School in official committees, to promote their interests there, and to make proposals on their behalf. All our votes and statements in the committees are based on a common consensus among us doctoral representatives, which is developed in advance in internal discussions.

Amongst others, we are mainly active in the following committees as representatives: 

Voting representation in the TUM Graduate Council (3 Votes)

Deniz, Stuart, Yunfei

Voting representation on the board of the Graduate Center Engineering & Design (4 Votes)

Artur, Ayesha, Marco, Yunfei,

Representation in the School Council Engineering & Design (guest seat)


Further Sources and Contacts

Although we are your elected representatives and will support you in any problems you might be facing or with suggestions you might have at the School of Engineering and Design, here is a list of other contacts that could be of use during your doctorate at TUM. 

TUM Compliance Office

Accountable for upholding the TUM Codes of Conduct, you can contact this office with problems related to discrimination, sexual harassment or persecution of any kind. The TUM Ombudspersons for Good Scientific Practice can also be contacted via this office. Please also refer and share the TUM Principles of Respect, which are to be upheld by students, staff, alumni and guests on TUM premises. 

TUM Global & Alumni Office 

This office can guide you with topics related to the the TUM Global Engagement Principles and international exchange opportunities. 

Graduate Center Engineering & Design

The Graduate Center of our School is responsible for administering your doctorate and checking the subject-specific requirements. 

TUM Graduate School

The TUM Graduate School is responsible for the TUM-wide qualification elements like the Kick-Off Seminars, the functioning of DocGS and Transferable Skills Courses. 

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