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Confirmation of Arrival, Confirmation of Departure and Confirmation of Stay

Your home university will provide you a document if they ask you to hand in a confirmation of arrival/departure or/and a confirmation of stay. You should send this document to the International Affairs Delegation of the TUM School of Engineering and Design-Architecture and Design who will sign and send it back to you.

The date of arrival is the date of your first academic activity at TUM (for example a welcome event). Please remember, the confirmation of arrival cannot be signed before this date.

The date of departure is your last academic activity at TUM (usually your last exam). The confirmation of departure can be signed only on or after the departure date.

Transcript of Records

Incoming exchange students to the Technical University of Munich can print out their transcript of records (grade report) using TUMonline. All modules in which examinations have been taken and which were passed – including those from other departments and schools – are listed. Prerequisite: You had to register for the exam via TUMonline before. The grade report is valid without signature and stamp.

You can easily print/download your Grade Report directly from TUMonline:

  1. Log in to your TUMonline account
  2. Select Student Performance Records in the column studies
  3. Select Print Grade Report to produce an official Transcript of Records

If your home university asks for a signed/stamped transcript of records (grade report), please contact as soon as all of your exam results are published in your TUMonline account.

Due to German data protection laws, we cannot send out Grade Reports to the students' home institutions directly. If you need us to send your Grade Report to your Home University, you need to authorize this. Please write an e-mail to and provide the e-mail address of the relevant contact person at your home institution. We will then send the Grade Report by E-mail.

Note: Due to the late examination period, several exam results can be published at the beginning of the next semester.  But: Students leaving TUM will have continued though restricted access to TUMonline which means that you can see your grades and download your grade report yourself even when the exchange semester is over. If, in exceptional circumstances, you need to receive your grades early (e.g. for a Masters application) please contact

For ERASMUS+ students:

Your TUM Grade Report (Transcript of Records) is the official replacement for the after the mobility section of the Learning Agreement.

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