TUMonline helps you to organize your work concerning study and lectures at the Technical University Munich.


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How can I access TUMonline?

You can access TUMonline using a web browser via the address campus.tum.de.

What do I need?

  • a computer with an internet connection
  • a web browser

Tipp: You can find information on recommended browsers and the use of pop-up blockers and Acrobat Reader by clicking on the white "Info Button" in TUMonline in the top right-hand corner:

Screenshot: Info Button in TUMonline

What does TUMonline offer you?

  • You can search for people, facilities (organizations) and rooms at the TU München
  • You can obtain an overview of the lectures of the organizations at the TU München
  • You can view module descriptions and courses
  • You have the option of editing your personal “business card” (homepage, telephone, consultation times)
  • You can select and edit your TUM e-mail addresses

    Special features for lecturers:
  • You obtain an overview of your own lectures and examinations
  • You can manage participating students and communicate with them via e-mail
  • You can use a personal calendar in which the dates of your lectures and examinations automatically appear and to which your own dates can be added
  • And much more besides …

Where do I get help?

For all questions and problems concerning TUMonline please contact the IT-Support: it-support@tum.de