In this manual we show you what to do if you forget your password for TUMonline.


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1. Open the login page of TUMonline

Go to the login page of TUMonline (

Click on the “Reset password” link:

Screenshot: Login page

2. Reset password

After clicking on the “Reset password” link, the page “Password Assistance / TUMonline” opens.

Screenshot: Password assistance page

Enter your TUMonline user name and date of birth and click on the “submit request” button.

If you can be identified by your entries, an e-mail with further instructions will be automatically sent to you.

3. Receiving the e-mail

Important: This e-mail will be sent to your TUM e-mail address and your forwarding address, if configured. For applicants with no TUM e-mail address as well as students, who have not configured a forwarding address, it will be sent to their applicant e-mail address.

If you no longer know your user name or cannot complete the process for other reasons, contact the IT support (

If you have further questions or problems, please also contact the IT support.

Identification by video camera

Identification by video

You can use a video camera to identify yourself for password resets (e.g. the camera on your phone).

Please follow these steps:

  1. Take out your ID.
  2. Start the camera on your device.
  3. Open in your browser.
  4. Call us at ++ We will tell you the exact camera room you can connect to ( in order to idenify yourself using video conferencing.