The Oberseminar registration and announcements were moved to the CAMP Intranet wiki.

The upcoming Oberseminars will be announced on the CAMP Intranet Wiki.

Registrations for new presentations also need to be made by the supervisor in our CAMP Intranet Wiki.


The seminar takes place continuously (also during the semester break). In order to arrange a talk, please register through our Oberseminar registration form. This can only be done by the project supervisors.

Location: MI 03.13.010 (Seminar Room)

Zoom Link: The link is shared with CAMP members via email roughly two days before each presentation. (To students: please ask your project supervisors for the Zoom link)

Mobile view: If you are having trouble seeing the schedule on your phone screen, please switch to the desktop version using the ≡ button on the top left corner.

Thesis Kick-off15 min10 min
Thesis Final15 min

5 min

IDP Kick-off10 min10 min
IDP Final15 min5 min
Guided Research Final15 min5 min


Detailed schedule:

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