ShareLaTeX @ TUM is run by Technische Universität München for students and staff of TUM.

Login to sharelatex.tum.de with your TUM ID (something like "ab12cde") and password. You don't need to register.

About ShareLaTeX

ShareLaTeX is an easy to use, online, collaborative LaTeX editor.

It is powered by Overleaf Server Pro, which implements most of the functionality of the Overleaf.com cloud service.

Ease of use
  • No complicated LaTeX installation is required.
  • You only need a modern browser and internet access.
  • All the packages and templates you need are available.
  • Access your work from anywhere in the world.
  • Work together on a single version of a LaTeX document.
  • View collaborator edits in real time
  • Track changes and comments and accept or reject individual changes
  • Chat with your collaborators while editing.
Document history
  • See what has been added and removed.
  • Restore to any older version.

FAQ for ShareLaTeX @ TUM

Update Oct 13, 2023: Git integration and new source editor was released

The upgrade includes the Git integration and the new source editor compatible with the Grammarly browser plugin.

Update Oct 2, 2023: A new version of History was released

Using the new History feature