Time issues

  • Supposed to be completed in the 4th semester, at the very latest in the 6th semester.
  • The examination modules shall be completed first (modules 1-15).
  • From the start day on (to be enteredinthe registration form) you have 6 months left (get prepared before registering the thesis!), the examiner has 2 months to assessand gradeyour thesis.
  • The registration form and the thesis itself need to be submitted to our examination officer Helen Wermuth. You need to submit your thesis as PDF document by email to helen.wermuth@tum.de. It must include the signed declaration of authorship! Ms. Wermuth will then forward it to the respective academic supervior. Please don't submit any hard copy, only if your supervisor asks for it. Furthemore, you need to send the prefilled assessment form.
  • The date of the submission of the last examination (usually the Master's thesis) becomes your graduation date.
  • You will be enrolled until the end of the respective semester. If you want to withdraw earlier (e.g. due to a working position), you need to submit a request for exmatriculation.
  • It can be favorable to remain enrolled until the grade is reported and your degree has been registered administratively. But it is not obligatory.
  • In case of sickness, the duration can be extended up to max. 3 months. In that case you need to submit an official medical certificate to the examination office (duration of an extension corresponds with the confirmed time of illness, the medical certificate needs to be submitted immediately upon issuance).

Academic Supervisor (Examiner):

needs to be an expert examiner of the TUM whose academic status allows him to examine university exams that lead to graduation according to the “Hochschulprüferverordnung”, usually those are

  1. Professors,
  2. Junior/Assistant Professors and
  3.  Postdocs, who has teaching experience of at least one year in the respective subject (educational science, psychology...)

For advisors who do not belong to the EDU, students need to make a formal request to the examination board!
In case of any doubt whether a person is suitable, please contact the examination board too.

  • the academic supervisor her/himself
  • or the academic supervisor needs to approve the advisor (by signing the registration form)
    • can be a PhD (with only a Master’s degree)
    • can be member of another university (e.g. LMU)

Finding a topic

be self-organized and proactive:

Formal requirements 

Please take the time to inform yourself about the formal requirements

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