Instructors: Prof. Dr. Nassir NavabDr. Shahrooz Faghih Roohi,  Ashkan Khakzar, Azade Farshad, Anees Kazi



  • The preliminary meeting is scheduled for July 21st, from 13:00 to 13:30 with the following zoom link:

Meeting ID: 688 8032 7576

Passcode: 144823

  • Due to the current pandemic, the seminar happens virtually via Zoom (the meeting link will be shared with participants via email).


  • The aim of the course is to provide the students with notions about various machine learning techniques. The course is subdivided into a lecture/excercises block and a project.
    • The lectures will include DL topics relevant to medical imaging applications. Each lecture will be followed by a practical hands-on exercise (e.g. the implementation in Python).
    • The topics of the projects will be distributed at the beginning of the semester. Each topic will be supervised by a different person. The projects are to be realized by couples.

Course Structure

  • Presentation: 50% Intermediate and Final Presentation (Done by all tutors -- mainly on your presentation skill, progress so far compared to other groups ...etc.)
  • Project Progress: 50% Project Progress (Done by your tutor -- mainly on your weekly progress on lrz git repository.)


DateSession: TopicSlidesLecturer
08/11Invited Talk
Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi
15/11Introduction to Clusters
Nikolas Brasch
22/11Graph Neural Networks
Anees Kazi
29/11Medical Image Reconstruction
Shahrooz Faghihroohi
06/12Incremental Learning
Indu Joshi
Ashkan Khakzar
17/01Generative Models

Azade Farshad

Yousef Yeganeh
31/01No Class

07/02Final Presentation



3D Y-Net: Few-shot 3D Segmentation of Medical Images with Fourier Feature Networks

MLMI - WiSe23 - 3D YNet.pdf

Jiaping ZHANG, Joshua Stein, Haowei Zhang, Hamza Haddaoui

Material based reconstruction and segmentation

MLMI - WiSe23 - Material based reconstruction and segmentation.pdfHaoran Cheng, Damian Depaoli, Bo Shao 

Multimodal Representation Learning for Medical Applications

Matthias Keicher MLMI - WiSe23 - Multimodal Representation Learning.pdfTim Tanida, Mohmmad Kashif Akhtar, Michelle Espranita Liman, Lars Frederik Peiss

Real-time iOCT Volume Registration

MLMI - WiSe23 - OCT Registration.pdfMalika Sanhinova, Ayman Iraqi, Mayar Mostafa, Juan Carlos Climent Pardo

Scope: Structural Continuity Preservation Network

MLMI - WiSe23 - Scope.pdfYongjian Tang, Amr Abuzer, Rui Xiao, Göktug Güvercin

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