Course Description: 

🎓 Learn Python for Personal and Academic Projects! 🐍

Developed by students in the LDV Department, this engaging online block course is designed to equip you with essential Python programming skills. 🚀

Our aim is simple: Provide students with essential Python programming skills to confidently tackle their projects. 🎯

Enroll today and unlock the power of Python! Let's dive into the world of coding together! 🎉

Course Dates: 03.07.23 - 06.07.23

Course Content:

🐍 Python Basics I

🔹 Python Basics II

🔸 Python Basics III

📊 NumPy

🐼 Pandas

🕷️ Web Scraping (Beautifulsoup)

🤖 Machine Learning (SciKit)

Before each session, we'll share the course content and the Zoom link on this website. Stay connected and never miss a beat! 💻

Thank you for sticking around! Please don't forget to give us feedback :)))

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PS: You will not be receiving ECTS for this workshop. However, you will get to learn Python which can be equally nice!

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