Every student must craft a master's thesis in order to complete her/his graduation. The workload comprises 30 ECTS which is equivalent to 900 hours of work or 24 weeks.

For the admission of the thesis you must have absolved at least 60 ECTS. The admission documents are issued in the Student Administration Office (Studiendekanat).

The scope of your work is on scientific topics and methodologies. This includes analyzing the state-of-the-art, analyses and evaluation and is less focused on implementation work.


The master's thesis takes at least 24 weeks and at most 52 weeks.


A successful completion of the thesis includes a written report and a representation about your scientific work.

If you fail in the first trial, you can repeat the master's thesis with a new topic.


The contents of your crafted report and the presentation can be in german or english.

Procedure / Checklist

  • Find a supervisor
  • Prepare a research proposal
  • Craft a thesis report
  • Presentation

It is a good practice to print this part or copy them to your project space in the wiki. Make sure all relevant points are tackled before you plan to complete your document or presentation.


  • General information can be found at: FAQ Master EI (MSEI)
  • Informationen zur Administration der Abschlussarbeit (only available in German): click here




Ask your supervisor to create a wiki page for you and make sure you have sufficient permissions to edit this page.

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